About Me

I am Teena Stewart, an artist and published author working primarily in acrylics, alcohol ink, mixed media and glass.

The world has enough troubles and can become too heavy for us to handle. My art and community, Serendipity Studio, return you to child-like, uninhibited play and wonder so your concerns of adulthood melt away. This is the reason much of my work features nature and animals.  

I hope to brighten people's outlook by connecting them with the Creator and creation through my art and teaching, giving them permission to color outside the lines and return to that free-spirited state of play they once knew as children.


I fulfill this mission by offering art, artisan gifts, prints and art courses that nurture and impart a sense of well-being and happiness. 

In addition to my art and artisan glass gifts, I've developed memorials for people and pets help those who lost loved ones and cherished pets cope with their grief.​ You find those items at memorialkeepsake.net

My Journey

As far back as I can remember, I was always artistic. Imprinted in my memory is the day, as as a young girl, I stumbled across my father's old sketch books, drawing books and art supplies in the attic. The creative spark inside me ignited.

As a child, I faced asthma and bronchitis along with severe shyness, learning challenges and loving but perfectionistic Christian parents. Drawing and painting became my refuge.


Born in Winston Salem, North Carolina and raised in Alexandria, Virgina, I received my formal art education from Mercyhurst College (now university), Erie PA. Though my focus was graphic design and writing, (I am also a published author), I find I am most suited and happiest as studio artist working for myself. After living all over the U. S., and visiting Europe on several occasions, I returned to my southern roots when I moved to Hickory, North Carolina in 2008. 


Making art, for me, is a return to the creative freedom of childhood.

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