The Making of My Lion Mixed Media Painting

I've been making animal and nature artwork for a while but it's almost always been domestic animals. I finally decided to do an exotic animal. The result was this Lion Head painting.

Because male lions have such amazing, roughly textured manes, I felt the painting needed some serious texture.

I had all kinds of scrap materials from various projects lying around my studio so I also wanted to use some of that. In fact I had some fabric that had a tapestry look and feel to it. Unsure of how to incorporate that and some scrap paper I had, I just started cutting out pieces that I thought I could use. One design seemed to beg to become a pair of ears. Another seemed like it needed to be worked into the mane although it didn't look anything like a mane. In fact, it looked more like feathers. Regardless, I decided to attempt to work that in.

I also had lightweight scrap copper pieces from making jewelry. Could those also be used? I had no idea what I was doing but decided to dive in like I always did. As my one art professor used to always say, "I used a pound of eraser," when trying to draw out the face of the lion before I could move on to the more fun part of the the painting.

I created this Facebook video to share my process. The lion turned out to look a bit tribal but I was pleasantly surprised with the outcome.

You can find this original artwork on my website. Here's the link. Lion Head Mixed Media

Here's the Facebook video. Just click the arrow. I'd love to hear your comments and questions. Feel free to share.

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