Part of the Horses series. 

Mixed media artwork canvas painting of an appaloosa horses features decoupaged vintage book sections in the background which are painted over in acrylic paint. Horse is painted in acrylic and outlined in pencil. The words Appaloosa are written above the horse figure.  

More About How This Painting Was Made

I love animals, and horses have always been my first love. For a brief while when I was a girl, I owned a pony which was given to me by my doctor whose son was going away to college.  Our house in Virginia had a horse farm behind it so that fed my horse fetish too.

I’ve always dreamed of owning horses, but since I can’t at present, I make do by drawing and painting them.

This Appaloosa painting is done in acrylic paint on canvas.  I drew the horse outline onto the canvas.  I collaged on printed book pages and painted over them. The horse was them painted in.

29" w x 24" h

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Appaloosa Horse

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