This unique mixed media  is done on canvas and features birds grouped on a wire  Acrylic bird painting with collage elements that incorporate creative reuse. Includes decoupaged manila folder birds, pencil lines, pen and ink, and found objects.Signed by the artist


More About How This Artwork Was Created

I’ve often noticed the way birds cluster on a wire in almost human fashion as a clique with gaps between them. Some seem rather chummy with each other, while others either choose not to associate with the group or are left out. That says a lot about our broken human nature. It also says a lot about individuality.

God made us all unique. In this mixed media artwork I randomly chose text that seemed to have a deeper meaning to go on the work. Again, it says a lot about human nature, where our hearts and minds are. As with most of my work, I love to work with recycled components because I find a spiritual message in it. God loves and values us despite our brokenness and he can turn trash into something beautiful and valuable.

48" l X 24" h

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Birds on a Wire

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