Acrylic mixed media painting on canvas of a spotted running dog.

This original painting is loosely based on the Dick and Jane early reader children's books and embodies both the joy of a dog running totally free of inhibition and the nostalgic memories we have from our childhood and our delight in learning to read. Signed by the artist.

Nothing embodies the essence of dogginess as much as a dog running with full abandon. Since adopting our rescued hound dog Aggie, I have seen in action the absolute joy and childlike quality of animals. Oh, if we could only let go and play like them.  

As I watched her racing in circles around the yard one day, I thought of the old Dick and Jane reading primer books and the words "Run, Spot, Run," came to mind. I wanted to capture both the sweetness of dogs running and the nostalgic memories of those days of learning to read. As a child I was as fascinated with the illustrations as I was with the words. In fact I kept some of my dad's early primers for years just because of the delightful illustrations.

So I went back and looked online at some of those Dick and Jane books. I didn't remember that Spot was any particular breed, but having researched I saw Spot looked like a spaniel of sorts. A painting of a spaniel running just didn't seem like it would do the concept of a dog running at full tilt. I wanted a dog with long legs. Rather than a specific dog breed with spots, this one is more of a Hines 57 with hound-like qualities.

I chose primary colors and a simplistic design. It's done with acrylic paints on canvas and the words were added by a processs called photo transfer, a method of reversing the print on the computer first and printing them out and then using Mod Podge to paste them onto the page. I wait 24 hours to let it dry and them remove the backing, and then do some touch up. I also outlined Spot with a permanent ink marker.

34" l x 20" h


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Run Spot Run

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